[Original Song] Live Again - Calliope Mori #holoMyth #hololiveEnglish

What is up, humans?! ♡ Calliope Mori(森 カリオペ)here. Grim Reaper’s apprentice has a body!

I wrote a song for you!

Maybe it's because of Death that we treasure life?


Rap/Lyrics/Track Arrange/Mix: Calliope Mori (me!)
Mix and master by: kokorobeats a.k.a K’s/Coro
Twitter: @kokorobeats
his youtube: his YouTube:

Samples used: coming shortly
(all samples used are free to use or purchased)

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tee to the hee.

(LIVE) #calliolive
(LIVE) #カリオライブ
(Music) #callioP
(Fanart) #callillust
(Fan-art) #カリイラスト
(Fan-name) Dead Beats // デッドビーツ



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