you can't do this to me

Reaper vs. Sheep -Ouen ver.- :

Reaper vs. Sheep -Kenko ver.-

-DO NOT spoil things for me. If you see someone doing so, you may interject a fake spoiler to divert my attention.
-DO NOT bother other streamers to "hang out" with me.
-I will not leave what I'm doing to interact with other girls unless I choose.
-Tips and advice are OK!
-Try not to police chat too much. There is little that can be done, but let's try to just have some fun together! You may hide the chat for your experience now, it won't be shown on the screen.

If these rules cannot be followed, I will set it to Member's Only Chat.


This game is being streamed and monetized after confirming and following the guidelines of Facepunch Studios.